Thinning A Tree Canopy: Benefits And Method

Posted on: 12 March 2015

Overgrown trees may look fine from the ground, but the interior is a ticking time bomb of future problems. Deciduous trees require thinning more often than most evergreens, generally every two to three years once the trees reach maturity. Understanding the benefits of thinning along with the proper method helps you make the best pruning choices for your landscape trees. Benefits of Thinning Sunlight. When the canopy of a tree becomes overgrown, sunlight can't reach the interior branches and leaves.
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Four Red Crepe Myrtle Tree Varieties For Your Yard

Posted on: 5 March 2015

Crepe myrtles are beautiful trees that are known for their colorful summer blooms. Most are small trees, though some smaller varieties are shaped more like bushes. There are hundreds of varieties of crepe myrtles, most of which have either white, pink or red flowers. If you're looking for a crepe myrtle with stunning red flowering, here are a few varieties from which you can choose. Arapahoe A tall crepe myrtle variety, the Arapahoe is ideal for the corner of your yard or garden bed.
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Don't Try To Remove A Tree On Your Own (Even If Your Best Friend IS Batman Or Superman)

Posted on: 4 March 2015

Tree removal can be expensive. You can easily expect to pay more than $1000, with additional costs if you want the company that does it to remove the stump, haul off the branches, or turn the pieces into mulch or firewood. That makes it very tempting to borrow your buddy's chainsaw (and your buddy) and try to tackle the job yourself. However, unless your buddy happens to be Batman or Superman, that's a remarkably bad idea (and this is why).
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