The Best Trees To Plant Near Your Swimming Pool

Posted on: 1 April 2015

If you are having a new pool installed this spring or summer, don't forget about the landscaping! A truly great pool area is comprised not only of a pool, but also of beautiful trees and flowers. Here are a few of the best types of trees to plant near your new pool.

Things To Keep In Mind

When choosing trees to plant around your pool, you'll want to choose varieties that can provide you with some much needed privacy as well as some shade. However, you also should make sure the trees you plant near your pool do not shed frequently. The best trees to plant near your pool are those that will require minimal maintenance while still providing you with the shade and privacy that you crave.

Banana Tree

If you don't want to wait years for the trees you plant to mature, you should consider planting banana trees near your pool. These trees grow quickly, and can easily reach their full height during one warm season.

Most of the leaves on a banana tree can be found on the top of the tree. The trunks tend to grow quite rapidly, and the tops of the tree also quickly produces large leaves, creating a very nice canopy. After about a year, your banana tree will even produce fruit for you to enjoy.

These leaves are quite large and will not shred during the summer. In the fall, the leaves fall off, but even then, since the leaves are so large, it does not really create a mess.

If you live in colder region, you can still plant a banana tree near your pool. The Blue Java and Basjoo varieties can tolerate freezing temperatures.

Palm Tree

Along the same lines of a banana tree is a palm tree. They also grow quickly, although it could take a few years for the palm trees you plant to reach their mature heights.

You don't have to live somewhere tropical to plant a palm tree either. The Queen Palm variety is actually native to North America and thrives in areas with dry and moderately wet soil.

The fronds of a palm tree can provide you with lots of shade. If you've never seen a palm tree, the fronds can grow to be quite large. If you're lucky, after a few years, your tree will even bear fruit.

Juniper Tree

Junipers are great trees to plant next to pools because they can provide you with lots of privacy. There are many varieties of junipers; for privacy purposes, you will want to purchase junipers that grow in a conical-pyramid form.

Junipers tend to not just grow taller, they also grow wider, so make sure you leave some room in between any Junipers you plant around your pool. They are pretty easy to maintain. They can survive without water for long periods of time, and don't shed a lot.

The three species of trees listed above can provide you with the privacy and shade you want around your pool area, without increasing the maintenance you need to do to maintain your pool. You only have to clean up after these trees about once a year, and they will not need extra water. Plus, all the trees listed above will also add to the aesthetic value of your pool area. Just call up local tree company like Tri-Point Tree & Landscaping today and see when they can plant some of these trees around your pool.