Beyond Pruning: 4 Other Things You Can Do For Your Trees Each Spring

Posted on: 15 May 2018

Early spring is the best time to prune your trees, and yearly pruning has a lot of benefits. It encourages healthy growth, reduces the risk of disease, and keeps your trees looking tidy. Yet, with all of the benefits that pruning offers, it is not the only thing you need to do for your trees in the spring. Here are four other things you can do in the spring to keep your trees healthy and vibrant all summer and fall.
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Dealing With Tree Roots Causing Plumbing Problems

Posted on: 10 March 2018

Did a plumbing problem lead to you finding out that tree roots have grown into the main sewer line to your house? Was a plumber able to use jetting equipment to clear the roots out of the line but you are worried that they will come back and cause more problems? Rather than worrying about the roots growing into the main sewer line, it might be wise to do something about the tree altogether.
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Knowing When It's Time To Get Rid Of A Tree In Your Yard

Posted on: 13 December 2017

Having mature trees in your yard can add interest and depth to your home's landscape. Unfortunately, these trees can sometimes become a serious liability. Knowing when to remove a tree from your yard can be challenging, but there are some simple signs that you can be watching for to help you recognize when a decision must be made. Here are three signs that indicate it's time to have a tree removed from your yard in the future:
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Stump Removal: 2 Ways To Eliminate The Eyesore From Your Backyard

Posted on: 2 March 2017

Do you have tree stump in your backyard? If so, it may be quite the eyesore. Not only does the stump likely look bad, but it could become problematic for you in many ways, too. For example, if you have children who like to play around in the backyard, they may end up tripping over the stump and falling down on the ground or getting hurt. A stump in your yard could also lead to a pest problem with insects (e.
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