Removal Options For Trees Growing Near The Home's Foundation

Posted on: 12 May 2023

There are many reasons to remove a tree, but one pressing reason is if it is growing too close to the foundation of your home. The roots can cause foundation damage, while the close proximity of the tree increases the chances of it damaging the siding or roof of the house.

Small Trees and Saplings

Small trees and saplings, particularly those that are no more than a couple of years old, can often be removed easily by the homeowner. If the root ball is still small and shallow, then simply pulling up the tree may be a possibility. You can also dig it out, but avoid using any powered tools and only use hand tools so that there is no accidental damage to the foundation.

Trees that are still relatively young and small but with deeper root systems may not come out as easily. Fortunately, the trunk is still small enough to pose minimal issues. These trees can be cut off at the soil.

The small stump can also be left in place, but you may need to cut off any suckers that grow from it for a few years, as some stumps do try to sprout again. Alternatively, you can use a chemical stump killer if you prefer to have it removed.

Large and Mature Trees

Large, mature trees that are growing into the foundation can be a bigger challenge to remove depending on how closely they are located. If the tree is still several feet away, then it can often be used using traditional methods. This involves first removing all of the branches, and then cutting the trunk down in sections that can be carefully lowered to the ground without damaging the home. The stump is then ground out using machinery.

The process is a bit more complicated for larger trees that are growing right up against the foundation. Movement of the root ball during removal can cause damage to the foundation, so your tree service may need to anchor the tree to help guard against too much movement as the trunk is limbed and sectioned.

Grinding the stump may not be a possibility, either, as the machinery could harm the nearby foundation. Instead, chemical stump killers may be used instead. The stump can then be pulled out in sections once the chemicals begin to break it down. The void left by the stump must be quickly filled with soil so that the ground doesn't shift around the foundation.

Contact a tree removal service if you have a problem tree growing near your foundation.