What You Need To Know About Tree Removal Before Cutting Or Removal Begins

Posted on: 10 February 2023

Tree removal is often the last resort on properties with a lot of vegetation unless the tree has the potential to cause damage or is dangerous. Deciding when tree removal is appropriate may mean working with a tree care service with an arborist available to look over the trees on your property. 

Tree Pruning Or Trimming 

Trees hanging over structures or showing signs of weak limbs and branches can often benefit from tree pruning or trimming to reduce potential problems. Heavy limbs that are not well supported may need removing to allow the tree truck to heal and strengthen over time. 

A tree care service must trim the trees carefully to ensure that they are not damaged in the process. Different tree species have different needs, so trimming the branches needs to be done correctly for that tree.

Some trees can stand extensive trimming, while others need careful tree pruning to prevent problems that could cause tree damage bad enough that the tree dies. If you are unsure how to trim your trees effectively, it is better to hire a service than to take a chance and damage the tree. 

Tree Removal

Tree care services will typically try to save a tree on your property, but there are situations where it is impossible. Trees with a lot of rot, or that are sick and weak can pose a safety risk, and if they are large trees standing over a structure, tree removal may be necessary to ensure it does not fall and damage the house or other structures. 

If you are dealing with large trees in s tight area, the tree removal service can rig the tree with a crane, cut it in sections, and move each piece to the ground safely. The tree service can remove the tree sections, or you can keep them and use the wood for firewood or woodworking projects later.

If you are trying to save a smaller tree, moving it to another part of the property may be possible, but once the tree gets too large, the tree will often not survive transplanting. Talk with a tree specialist or arborist about the options for your specific situation, and they can recommend some things to try and rehabilitate the tree before cutting it down. 

While the priority is to save the trees where possible, it is also essential to ensure the house and people in them are safe when evaluating the tree's health. If you are unsure that you need to cut it, get a second opinion from another tree care service in the area before any tree removal begins.

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