Tree Trimming For Safety: Reducing The Risk Of Storm Damage

Posted on: 6 January 2023

Maintaining the health and appearance of your trees is an important aspect of property maintenance. Tree trimming can help to remove dead or damaged branches, promote healthy growth, and improve the overall appearance of your trees. In addition, regular tree trimming can help to reduce the risk of storm damage to your property. This can be of particular interest to those who live in regions prone to strong winds and heavy rains, but everyone in America can benefit from reduced risk of damage to their home. Here are three ways in which tree trimming for safety is a benefit to your home.

Removing Dead Branches Before They Can Be Blown Into Your House 

One of the primary ways that tree trimming can help to reduce the risk of storm damage to your home is by removing dead or damaged branches. These branches are more prone to breaking during a storm, and if they are near your home, they could cause damage to your roof or windows. By removing them, you also promote healthy growth, so the chance of dead branches in the future is greatly reduced, especially if you use tree trimming services regularly as all gardeners would suggest you do.

Thin Out The Canopy

Another way that tree trimming can help to make your home safer during a storm is by thinning out the canopy of the tree. A dense canopy can catch more wind, making the tree more vulnerable to toppling over. By thinning out the canopy, you can help to reduce the risk of the tree falling during a storm. If you have ever seen your tree moving a lot in the wind and thought it was liable to break, then you may not be as off-base as you initially thought. This is a very real possibility and one you should try to avoid.

Branches That Are Close To The Structure

When a tree grows right up against your home, it doesn't even require the branches or twigs to break to damage your home. A storm can push the tree so it rubs up against your house when it sways, and any longer branches along the side of your house will cause big problems. To avoid this, it is important that these branches are kept especially neat, and the only way to do that and not have your tree look lopsided is to use a professional tree trimming service.