5 Ways Tree Removal Improves Your Yard

Posted on: 8 December 2022

Your yard should be an extension of your home by providing a place to recreate and relax. Too many trees, the wrong type of tree, or trees in poor locations can compromise the enjoyment of your outdoor space. 

1. Provide Play Space

Family homes benefit from having open yard areas for the kids or pets to play freely. You may also need wider open spaces if you like to entertain in the yard. Trees, particularly those with low-hanging branches, break up the space so that playing sports and other field-style games at home becomes impossible. Removing one or two trees can open up the space so that the yard is more conducive to play or entertaining. 

2. Reduce Yard Maintenance

Trees aren't maintenance-free, so you will be spending time clearing out fallen branches and leaves. Further, large trees block sunlight, which can lead to sparse lawns that require frequent water and reseeding in order to stay green. Removing a messy or overly large tree does wonders for reducing maintenance and saving you time on weekend lawn care.

3. Add Curb Appeal

A house can look gloomy and unkempt when it is screened from view by large trees. Curb appeal really tanks if the trees have a weak growth form, scraggly growth, or dead branches. Removing the trees opens up the view, improving your home's appearance and making it seem more welcoming. Improving curb appeal with tree removal can also improve the perceived value of your home. 

4. Increase Growing Space

Growing space is at a premium in many suburban lawns, which is frustrating if you long for a large vegetable garden. Trees are especially problematic as they take up soil space, draining it of nutrients, and they block sunlight. Strategic removal of one or more trees can greatly increase the area available for growing a garden, thus making the yard much more usable for your desired purpose. 

5. Improve Landscape Safety

Never underestimate safety concerns when it comes to trees. A tree that isn't well-pruned or that has a poor form is more likely to drop branches, or worse, fall down. This can cause injury to people and pets or damage to your house and property. Removing any trees that pose a possible hazard will provide an instant safety improvement in your yard. 

Contact a local tree removal service provider for more help with removing trees, like Diven Tree Services.