Oak Trees In Your Yard Not Growing Well? 2 Problems They May Have

Posted on: 11 October 2022

If you have oak trees in your yard that are not growing well, you need to take steps now to get them healthy. This will increase the chances of the trees living so you will not have to cut them down. Start by hiring a tree service that can do a tree diagnosis. This will help them determine the problem so they can do the proper treatment. Keep reading to learn two types of diseases that affect oak trees and how they are treated. 

Oak Leaf Blister

Oak leaf blister is one problem you may have with your oak trees. Oak leaf blister is a fungus and generally does not cause a lot of harm to a tree but can make the leaves fall too early and look damaged. 

If your oak trees have this fungus, the leaves will have light-colored blisters on them. Over time the blisters turn darker, and the leaves shrivel up and die. The problem starts during the winter months before the trees start to bud. Spores start to grow and when the trees start to bud, the spores become much larger and start affecting the trees immediately.

There is no real treatment for oak leaf blister as fungicides generally do not work well for this. The tree service company can tell you what you can use to help your trees get back to normal again. 

Root Rot

A common type of root rot with oak trees is known as armillaria root rot. This is a dangerous disease as it can kill an entire oak tree. It starts by killing the roots and then moves up the tree killing the bark, trunk, leaves, branches, and more. 

If your oak trees have root rot, the decline generally starts slowly and may take a few years for the entire tree to be affected. If your trees have this, you will likely see small mushrooms growing around the base of the tree. These mushrooms are yellow in color and are a fungus so do not touch them. 

To treat root rot, the tree service will reduce stress on your trees. They do this by adding mulch and nutrients to the soil and making sure the trees are getting enough water. You also need to be careful around the trees and not hit them with a lawn mower or anything heavy.   

The tree service company can tell you of other problems you can have with oak trees while they are doing their tree diagnosis.  

Contact a local tree service to learn more about tree diagnosis solutions