4 Dangers Of Leaving Tree Stumps In Your Yard

Posted on: 12 September 2022

Tree removal does not end with felling. No, there is one more thing you cannot overlook — stump grinding. But many homeowners don't give much thought to stumps until they become a detriment to their homes. It is better and cheaper to consider stump grinding services before the unfortunate happens. This article will take a deep dive into the dangers of leaving stumps in your yard after tree felling.

1. Injuries

Your yard is also a playground for your kids. If you leave stumps unattended, your kids may trip over them while running or playing, leaving them with catastrophic injuries. And the same stumps could injure you when cutting your grass with a lawnmower. This means you have to spend money on treatment, and you may be unable to do your day job. Your only chance to keep everyone in your home safe is to seek stump grinding services to eliminate the stumps for good.

2. Property Damage 

Do not be fooled into thinking that trees die after falling. Some may not. For instance, if you have a Siberian elm or Russian olive tree stump, felling may not be enough to kill them. Their roots may still be alive and may invade your plumbing pipes, foundation, and driveways, causing costly damage. Therefore, after felling your trees, enlist a stump grinding service to complete the job to avoid rude surprises later.

3. Pests

When stumps start decaying, they attract various pests such as termites, wood wasps, rodents, or ants. These pests can attack other trees in your yard, ruining their leaves and trunks. The worst part about them is that they might get into your house in search of food and water. And once they find plenty of it, they may not be willing to leave. Soon, you will have an infestation that might cost you a big chunk of money to eliminate. Seek stump grind services to keep pests away from your home.

4. An Unsightly Yard

A yard with numerous stumps is unsightly. This is especially true if you love relaxing in your yard to refresh your mind or read a book. While you may ignore off stumps in your yard, homebuyers may not. No one would want to buy a home with rotting stumps that could injure them. However, you can preserve your home's value by seeking stump grinding services without delay.

If you fell a tree and are tempted to leave the stump in the yard hoping it will wither away, now you have every reason not to. However, you should never try to remove the stump on your own. Hire a stump grinding service to eliminate the stumps. They can get rid of any stump, regardless of location and size