What Happens When You Don't Prune Trees Regularly?

Posted on: 25 July 2022

Trees can add life to your landscape and the entire property. Healthy trees need proper maintenance and care to thrive. On that account, you should schedule tree pruning consistently to keep your plants in excellent condition. Here are things that happen when you don't prune trees regularly.

Diseases Spread

Sick trees require pruning to prevent ailments from spreading. However, if you don't hire an expert to cut off diseased sections of your tree, all your vegetation could suffer. Typically, the ailing plant can spread the disease to nearby trees or shrubs. A tree service expert should prune sick limbs to manage the infection. That way, the remaining trees won't contract diseases that can affect the entire tree. In other cases, your tree can spread the ailment to your neighborhood, leading to severe plant issues.

Pose A Threat

Weather elements such as storms, high winds, heavy rainfall, and snow can damage a tree. For instance, a storm can cause broken and fractured limbs in your tree. If you ignore such problems, your home could be exposed to weak branches. Hanging limbs can fall on your vehicle or house and cause costly damage. What's more, the branches can hit your family, friends, or neighbors when passing by. You can mitigate these looming risks by hiring a professional for tree pruning.

Excessive Growth

Trees that fail to undergo regular pruning can grow excessively. When that happens, young plants will struggle to absorb sunlight and nutrients due to the competition. In addition to that, your landscape won't be impressive because of overgrown branches. Thankfully, an arborist can prune branches and limbs to restore normal growth. The expert can shape your trees and reduce their sizes. That way, you don't have to worry about trees encroaching power lines

Weak Structure

Failing to prune trees may contribute to a weak structure. For example, your tree may have weak branches and limbs due to decay or diseases. Your tree might not grow correctly, leaving it vulnerable to elements. In other cases, splintered branches can dominate your tree when you don't prune it. With time, your plant might start leaning because of the unwanted weight. The good news is that an arborist can prune it to boost healthy growth.

Tree pruning is a crucial exercise that can benefit your plants. This practice boosts tree health and aesthetics. If you don't hire a tree service professional to prune your trees, you can experience the above issues and more.

Contact a local tree service professional for more information.