Common Residential Tree Care Services That Homeowners May Need

Posted on: 3 June 2022

When you are needing assistance with caring for the trees on your property, there are many ways that a tree service will be able to assist you. Residential tree care professionals offer full-service support for their clients, and there are some services that they're asked to provide particularly often.

Safely Removing Trees

Removing trees from the property is a major change to make as these plants can be large enough that it can be complicated and risky to remove them. Tree service providers will be able to safely remove the trees from your property. They can do this by cutting the tree into sections starting at the top. Additionally, they can use a series of guides that will allow them to ensure the tree lands where they are needing it to come to a rest.

Treating Common Diseases And Pest Problems

Disease and pest problems can be a significant threat to your trees. When these problems emerge, they can cause substantial health problems for your plants. Many homeowners may not be in a position to address these health problems on their own due to being unfamiliar with the types of health problems trees can experience; or, the problems could be occurring too far off the ground for these people to reach. In the event that a portion of the tree is severely diseased, it may be best to remove the branches that are affected. This can stop the disease from spreading. Pest problems can require the use of chemical treatments, but you will need to choose a treatment that is safe for use with trees.

Assessing The Stability Of A Tree

Individuals may find that their trees develop a lean. This can often be the result of the soil around the base of the trees eroding, weakening the support that the tree is getting and making the prospects of it falling over substantially higher. Stabilizing a tree can be another common task that tree services will have to provide. Luckily, there are options that may be able to effectively support the tree until the roots can adjust to the changes in the soil. One of these options can be the use o staking poles that are placed around the base of the tree. These poles will be deep in the soil, and a strong rope or chain will connect them to the tree. If they are correctly installed, the tree can be effectively stabilized until it can heal.