Preparing For The Removal Of A Large Tree From Your Property

Posted on: 29 December 2021

If you have a large tree upon your property that prevents shade from reaching your home, you have likely considered contacting a tree removal service to handle it. Here are a few steps to take before the service arrives.

Remove Items From The Immediate Area

When the tree service cuts down the tree from its current resting place, it will fall to the ground, possibly hitting items in its pathway. A tree removal service will make every possible effort to guide the tree to an area away from your home, garage, vehicles, shed, and other outdoor items. If you have smaller items that you keep outdoors, consider moving them out of any possible pathways where the tree may fall. This will ensure the items remain completely safe, as they will not be in the vicinity of the work being conducted.

Alert The Service About Wires, Pipes, And Gas Lines

The tree service you hire will evaluate your land for any hazards that could cause safety risks to you, your family, and the workers on your property. This includes electrical and gas lines and plumbing systems. If you are aware of the locations of any underground wires or pipes, let the service know their whereabouts before they get to work at cutting down your tree. It is also important to let the service know if you have a septic system on site so they can avoid having their heavy equipment in near it. They will also make sure the tree falls toward another area of your property.

Decide What To Do With The Tree After The Job

If you do not want to keep the tree on your property after it is chopped down, you need to let the tree service know your intentions for the remainder of it after the job is completed. Some tree services will cut up a full-sized tree into logs to use for firewood. Others will remove the entire tree without cutting it at all to send it to a service that cuts lumber. You also have the option of having the tree pulverized into small wood chips to use for landscaping or gardening purposes. If you wish to keep the tree, the price of the job will not be as high as if you decide to have the tree cut into pieces or removed. The final resting place for the tree will help to determine the cost of its removal.