Top 4 Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Posted on: 4 August 2021

Trees add natural elegance and beauty to your property. But like all living things, they have a natural lifespan that comes to an end over time. When trees grow old, they become weak and can be a threat to you, your loved ones, your home, and even the community. Hence, the safest thing to do is to call the experts for tree removal services. Here are four telltale signs it's time to call a tree service company. 

Your Tree Looks Sick 

When a tree is sick, it becomes weak and branches start to fall off, posing safety risks to humans and property. Some common signs of a diseased tree include dead branches, wilted or yellow leaves, dusty white mildew, hollow pits, and clusters of new shoots. 

Typically, a tree becomes sick when attacked by pests, fungi, or viruses. If left unattended, the disease could spread to other trees on your property; hence, it's advisable to remove the infected tree as early as possible. 

There Are Overgrown Branches That Could Damage Your Home

If your tree has overgrown branches near your home's windows or roof, consider having the tree removed as soon as possible. Heavy winds could blow these branches against your windows or roof, causing costly damage. 

Also, you should consider removing a tree if many of its branches are broken. While pruning can help restore the health of a tree, it may not work where many branches are involved. For example, if you cut more than half of a tree's branches, it will not have enough leaves in the next growing season; thus, it's likely to die from insufficient feed. 

The Roots Threaten to Damage Your Home's Structure

This is a common problem among property owners. When choosing the location to plant your trees, you may not have considered future growth. As a result, most of the trees may be near your house. Unfortunately, a tree's roots may grow towards your home's foundation, causing significant damage. 

To avoid damage to your property, call a professional arborist to check the trees growing near your home. If there is a chance that a tree's roots could burrow into your home's foundation, consider removing it before any damage happens. 

The Tree Grows Near Power Lines

Irrespective of how big or beautiful a tree is, it should be removed if it's growing near power lines. Some of its overhanging branches may be blown off by winds towards the power lines, causing a power outage, electrocutions, or even fires. 

Also, resist the temptation to remove a tree growing near power lines by yourself. There's always the risk that a branch or limb may fall on the power lines. Trained arborists have the tools and experience to complete safe tree removals, no matter where the tree is located.