How Removing a Tree Changes Your Landscape

Posted on: 14 September 2020

Maybe you're planning to redo your yard by removing some old trees, or maybe you've realized that tree has fast-growing roots that are aggressively growing toward an underground sewer pipe that you're about to replace. No matter the reason, removing a tree changes your yard in several ways, and not just in terms of looks. The loss of a large tree can change your yard in fundamental ways. Even if that tree has to be removed immediately, you need to know what you're in for before the work is done.

Add More Sunlight on Shade-Friendly Plants

Unless you've removed all the other plants in the tree's canopy radius, you're going to be exposing the remaining plants to a lot more sunlight than they're used to. If the plants were already sun-loving and not doing well because of the shade from the tree, you'll see them do a lot better soon after removal. If the plants were shade-loving, however, they may start to fail because they're now getting too much sun. You'll have to either remove the shade-loving plants or find some way to add more shade back in the area where the tree used to be.

Create Wind Tunnel

If you have a row of tall trees and are removing one, more wind will come through to your yard now. Trees are wonderful wind screens, so removing one means you now have this opening in the yard through which more wind can go. If the space is narrow—maybe these trees are all tall and thin, and close together—you could have a minor wind tunnel effect because the trees on either side of the new gap will funnel wind through there. Before removing any trees, ask your contractor about how to address any concerns about wind tunnels. 

Provide Less Privacy

Remember that removing a tree exposes whatever was behind it to people trying to look into your yard. So, if you remove a tree in your front yard, anyone walking by your house will be able to see windows or other features that had previously been hidden. Chances are people aren't purposefully trying to look, but they will still see everything if they walk or drive by. A tree removal contractor might have some solutions to consider to ensure your privacy is intact, such as replanting a healthier tree. 

Possibly Benefit Adjacent Trees

It's also possible that the trees on either side of where the old tree had been will be healthier. Not only will the amount of sunlight they get change, but they'll have less competition for water and nutrients in the soil. They'll also have more air flowing past and through their branches, which can help prevent fungal pathogens from taking hold. Removing that one tree could be very beneficial for your other trees.

If these issues are concerning to you, be sure to work with a tree removal company to address your needs.