Emerald Ash Borer Prevention Tactics To Protect Your Mature Trees

Posted on: 17 May 2019

Mature trees help lend prestige and interest to your home's landscape. Because trees are living organisms, they are susceptible to damage and disease. Insects are one of the most damaging enemies of many tree species.

If you have ash trees in your yard, then you need to be aware of the devastation that an emerald ash borer can cause. These Asian beetles prey on ash trees and can compromise the health and structural stability of any tree they come into contact with.

The best defense against the emerald ash borer is a good offense. Take preventative action to protect your ash trees this summer.

Complete a Soil Drench

One way to help prevent emerald ash borers from accessing your trees is to complete a soil drench around the base of each mature ash tree in your yard. A soil drench requires that you completely saturate the soil around ash trees with a diluted insecticide product.

As the tree soaks up water and nutrients from the soil, the insecticide will be absorbed into the roots, bark, and leaves of the tree as well. This ensures that any beetles feeding on the tree will be killed off before they can cause serious damage.

You can find insecticides with imidacloprid (a chemical compound that kills emerald ash borers) at your local home improvement store. If you need a more powerful insecticide, you will need to call a tree service professional for help.

Inject the Trunk

An adult emerald ash borer will lay her eggs just beneath the surface of the bark and inside any cracks located on the trunk of the tree. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae cause significant structural damage as they eat their way through the tree.

Specialized insecticides that contain a chemical called acephate can be injected underneath the bark of an ash tree. The acephate enters into the sap flow inside the tree, allowing it to travel throughout the trunk.

The presence of an insecticide beneath the bark of the tree will help to kill off any larvae as they hatch. This prevents an infestation from forming by killing off the new generation of beetles.

Protecting your ash trees against the emerald ash borer is important. This beetle has the potential to leave your mature trees weak and unstable, making the trees a serious safety hazard. A tree service professional like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. can help you create a prevention plan that relies on insecticides to kill off adult beetles and their larvae.