Knowing When It's Time To Get Rid Of A Tree In Your Yard

Posted on: 13 December 2017

Having mature trees in your yard can add interest and depth to your home's landscape. Unfortunately, these trees can sometimes become a serious liability. Knowing when to remove a tree from your yard can be challenging, but there are some simple signs that you can be watching for to help you recognize when a decision must be made.

Here are three signs that indicate it's time to have a tree removed from your yard in the future:

1. Watch for growth at the tree's base.

It's important that you pay close attention to the growth pattern of the trees in your home'a landscape. The growth pattern can tell you a lot about the health of your tree, and it can also be a valuable tool when it comes to deciding when you should have a tree removed.

If you notice a lot of shoots growing near the base of your tree, these shoots could be indicative of a weak root system. Without strong roots, your tree could become a serious safety hazard. Remove any tree showing signs of growth near its base to ensure the safety of your yard.

2. Monitor the health of the trunk.

Another simple thing that you can do to determine how healthy the trees in your home's landscape are is to monitor the condition of each tree's trunk on a regular basis. Your trees rely on a strong and healthy trunk to support the weight of their crowns and to help the trees withstand heavy winds during a storm.

If you notice that the trunks of any of your trees have become hollow or cracked, these are signs of serious problems that could pose a safety threat over time. Have trees with unhealthy trunks removed from your yard.

3. Check the condition of the branches.

You should be taking the time to check the condition of the branches on each of the trees in your yard regularly. The condition of the branches can be used to help you determine when it is time for a tree to be removed.

An excessive number of dead branches can indicate serious health issues with the tree as a whole. These dead branches are weak and could become dislodged from the main trunk at any time, posing a serious risk to any people, pets, or buildings located near the tree. 

Knowing some signs to watch for as you try to determine when you should remove a tree from your yard will help to ensure you leave only the strongest and healthiest trees in your home's landscape in the future. Contact a company like Above & Beyond Tree Service Inc for more information and assistance.