A Tree Trimming Company Can Help You Make the Most Stable Tree House Possible

Posted on: 11 October 2016

If you want to build a tree house in your backyard, you first need to prepare a tree for the build. There are many people who make the mistake of thinking they can build a tree house in any tree, but that is not the case. Learn how a tree trimming company can help you prepare a tree for a tree house build.

Determine Which Limbs Are Strongest

The tree trimming company will first assess all of the limbs of the tree. They will figure out which ones are the strongest, if there are any that are damaged, and which ones are too weak to support the weight of a tree house. This ensures that only the most stable limbs are used when the tree house is built.

Remove Excess Limbs

The company will then cut all the limbs that need to be removed. They will be able to cut the limbs as closely to the trunk of the tree as they possibly can to ensure that none of the limb stumps left behind get in the way when you start building the tree house. Once removed, the company can then haul away the limbs.

Create Your Tree House Design

Next, you need to choose the design that you would like for your tree house based off of the strong limbs that are left behind. Talk to a tree removal company like Todd's Tree Service Inc about the layout that you have planned. The workers may be able to help you determine where the best placement for the boards may be to ensure that you create as solid of a foundation for the tree house as you can.

Create Necessary Notches

The company will also be able to create notches in the tree and in the limbs for the boards to ensure that they fit as securely as possible. They will be able to determine where each board will need to be placed to ensure that the right notches are made in the tree and the limbs.

Once the excess or damaged tree limbs have been removed, you can start building the tree house. Be sure to use the notches that the company created to ensure the house is as stable as it can possibly be when everything is said and done. Before allowing your children to climb into the tree house, get in it yourself to make sure that it is as structurally sound as it can possibly be.