What You Should Know Before You Have Your Trees Removed

Posted on: 21 July 2015

There may be trees on your property that you don't want anymore. Either you're tired of raking up leaves every year or you simply don't like where a tree is located. To make sure tree removal is really what you want, consider a few things before you schedule to have any trees removed off your property.

Shade loss

If you are wanting a large shade tree removed, such as a Blue Spruce or Maple, you need to consider what the loss of your tree will do to your landscape. You may be left without shade production, which can make enjoying your yard more difficult. A tree removal service may suggest planting quick-growing trees in its place, such as Quaking Aspen, to allow you to still have shade if you don't want large trees in your yard. A Quaking Aspen grows tall but is a thinner shade tree that won't take up ample space in your landscape. Many fast-growing tree species will provide ample shade within 5 years of planting.


Removing trees from your yard opens up your landscape, but this may mean sacrificing privacy. Your trees may be giving you a natural barrier between your yard and your neighbors, and getting rid of them may make you feel exposed when enjoying your property. Schedule an appointment with a tree removal service to see what they would suggest as far as tree removal. They can help you choose which trees to keep and which ones you can have taken down without compromising the intimacy of your landscape. A good way to get rid of a tree but still maintain privacy is to plant some hedges or install a fence.

Tree value

Mature trees add value to your property. Real estate agents claim that mature trees can increase a home's selling appeal by as much as 98%. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you may want to hold onto your mature trees since they can help give your home a competitive edge. If your mature trees are sickly or crowded, you can still have a few of them removed by a tree removal service without taking away from your landscape's overall appeal. Talk to a tree removal service to see which trees they would recommend taking down from your yard to help increase your home's value. If you have a tree that's way to tall or large--like a sycamore--this could potentially decrease curb value because it blocks the view of the home, could become a danger during windy/stormy days, and can hinder other landscaping ideas. 

If shade, tree value, or privacy are concerns of yours, talk to your tree removal specialist first to make sure taking any tree down is the best option for your landscape.