Simple Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards

Posted on: 26 June 2015

If you do not have much land where your home is located, you will want to maximize the aesthetics of your landscaping in a way that will make your property look like you own more land than you really do. Here are a few simple tricks that will help make your property look larger without spending a lot of money to get the result.

Keep Size In Check

If you have a small home, you do not want to overpower it with large plants and trees in the small amount of land you have to work with. This will make your property look even tinier, as larger items will overpower the space. Make sure to keep your landscaping on scale with the size of your home to make it seem proportionate. Trim down bushes and cut back trees so your home is in view and not hidden. 

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Use Bold Colors

Flowering plants will take the stage when placed properly around your home. Vibrant colors will draw the eyes toward the flowers, so placement is important to give the appearance of a lot of land. Eyes are drawn to warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow, so using these colors will make them the focal point of your yard. 

To make your land seem larger, space the flowers along each side of walkways and around the perimeter of your home. If the foliage starts from the foundation to the street, it will help fill in space with pleasurable landscaping instead of wasting space with rock or grass, which is often ignored by those viewing the land.

Place Walkways Properly

Using pavers to making walkways can help break up a smaller area and make it look a bit larger. The eyes will look at either side of the walkway instead of one area. To make the are look even bigger, place the pavers so they have a diagonal pattern or so they wind their way to the home instead of in a straight path to the doorway.

Break Up The Space

Making separate areas within your yard can help break up the space into several portions, giving it an overall feel of bigger land area. Set up an area with a lounge chair and table to use for sunbathing. Add a small bench and a trickling fountain in another spot to use for tranquil times. Add a few small retaining walls to draw the eyes up instead of having people focus on a flat space.