Three Steps To Remove Your Pesky Trees

Posted on: 19 June 2015

One of the most challenging aspects of yard care is taking out a tree that is no longer wanted in your yard. This can be especially challenging when the tree is 15 or 20 years old and has laid down an extensive root system. Nevertheless, while it may seem like it is quite a challenge initially, with the right tools it can be a simple task to take out of the ground and remove from your yard. Here are the three steps to taking down your tree quickly and easily.

Remove all branches from the trunk

You will want to remove all the branches from the tree. Due to the number of branches, this is the aspect that is helped most by a power tool like a power trimmer or chainsaw. Because most households don't have these available, use a bowsaw to cut through branches quickly and easily. Due to the length of the branches, you may need to make multiple cuts, trimming them down closer to the trunk as you go.

Chop down the trunk

The best tool for chopping down a trunk is an axe with a 6 pound head. If you use an axe with a larger head, it will not travel fast enough to gain the necessary velocity to make quick work of your tree. Use the axe to make cuts in the trunk at a 45 degree angle both upwards and downwards. Continue to chop through the tree, making the deepest cuts on the side of the tree that you want to fall to the ground. When you have chopped halfway through the trunk, push the tree down. Chop the trunk up into segments approximately 18 inches long to make them easier to lift and transport.

Remove the stump

The stump is traditionally the most difficult aspect of tree removal. The stump will need to be removed in order to properly clear the land, especially if you have an Aspen or other Poplar. Even though the main tree is chopped down, the roots will continue to grow and sprout throughout your yard. You can use stump killer, but that can spread poison throughout your yard. Instead, use a grub hoe to dig the ground around the stump. The grub hoe can also chop easily through the roots and then be used as a pry bar to pull up the stump. 

As you follow these steps, you will be able to quickly and effectively change your yard around without fear. For more information on caring for the trees in your year, contact a professional like Carlos Tree Service Inc.