Weed Control: The Importance & How It Can Be Done

Posted on: 26 March 2015

Do you have a lot of plants and have noticed an increase in the amount of weeds? It is in your best interest to hire a professional to get rid of the weeds, as they can cause harm to your plants. In this article, learn why weed control is important and how it can be done.

What Makes Weed Control Important?

Weed control is important when you have plants because the weeds can create a place for pests to reside. The pests will have easy access to your plants, which can cause the plants to die and detract from the beauty of your landscape. Failing to get the weeds removed in a timely manner will lead to them spreading and causing more damage to plants. When weeds are out of control, it can take a longer time to get rid of them.

Not only is weed control important, but you should leave treating them to a professional. The reason is due to there being numerous species of weeds that can react to treatment methods in different ways. What works for removing one species of weed may not work for another species. Leaving weed control to a specialist will also help you prevent accidentally using chemicals that lead to your plants dying.

How Can a Professional Keep Weeds Under Control?

Based on how many plants you have, one effective method for weeds is called cultural control. Weeds are more likely to invade areas of a landscape in which the soil has been disturbed, such as for planting. Cultural weed control is a method that prevents weeds from developing by making sure there are plants in every area of soil that has been disturbed. You may still see weeds growing every now and then, but it will be in a small amount.

Another type of weed control can be done with chemicals. However, a professional will use herbicides that are not detrimental to your grass or plants. He or she will apply the herbicides by spraying them in strategic areas. The areas treated will likely be the ones where soil is exposed with no plants or grass in it.

The number of treatments necessary before your weeds are brought under control will depend on the extent of the spread. Make sure you maintain control over weeds to prevent them from taking control of your plants. Hire a weed control service (such as Greenwood Tree Experts or another company) to bring the appeal back to your landscape!