Four Red Crepe Myrtle Tree Varieties For Your Yard

Posted on: 5 March 2015

Crepe myrtles are beautiful trees that are known for their colorful summer blooms. Most are small trees, though some smaller varieties are shaped more like bushes. There are hundreds of varieties of crepe myrtles, most of which have either white, pink or red flowers. If you're looking for a crepe myrtle with stunning red flowering, here are a few varieties from which you can choose.


A tall crepe myrtle variety, the Arapahoe is ideal for the corner of your yard or garden bed. It reaches more than 20 feet in height, and has large, green leaves that add to its beauty. The flowers are a vibrant red in color, and the more fertile your soil, the darker they'll become. Arapahoe crepe myrtles are not very tolerant of wet soils, so make sure you plant yours in a well-drained area.


A medium crepe myrtle, the Christiana reaches about 10 feet in height. Its flowers are dark red in color, and their centers may even have a maroon tint. Christiana myrtles will grow in moist soils, but they are more susceptible to powdery mildew disease than many other myrtles. For this reason, you'll want to have yours sprayed with fungicides each spring, and possible every few weeks in the summer if rainfall is plentiful.


If you're short on space, plant an Okmulgee crepe myrtle. They only grow to about 6 feet in height, and when planted in partial shade, may end up even shorter. Okmulgee crepe myrtles have a very upright shape and their leaves are light green in color. Like Christiana myrtles, they are susceptible to fungal infections and should be sprayed.


Are you looking for a myrtle tree that's as stunning in the fall as it is in the spring? The Victor is your answer. It turns a bright yellow in the summer, adding color to your landscape. In the spring and summer, it is covered in plentiful red flowers. The Victor myrtle is another dwarf variety, growing to between 3 and 5 feet in height. It offers good resistance to mildew diseases and can tolerate heavy rainfall.

Many landscapes include so much greenery that they begin to look monochromatic. Adding a bright red myrtle tree or bush to your yard is a good way to break up the color and add an element of surprise. Whether you plant one bush or an entire row, your crepe myrtles are bound to bring many years of joy to your garden. For more information, contact a landscaping company like Noble Tree Service Inc.